1. Important information

Saferpay offers two types of accounts: eCommerce and Business (more information). The plugin “Saferpay for WooCommerce” is compatible with both types of accounts. For certain features such as recurring payments you will need a Saferpay Business account.

In the following we will list the requirements to use the plugin in connection with the different types of accounts.

The Saferpay eCommerce account offers basic functionality. The payment process is handled by the Saferpay Payment Page API. During the payment process the user is redirected to the payment page of Saferpay. When the payment is complete the user will be redirected to the online shop where the confirmation screen will be displayed.

The plugin will offer the following additional features in connection with a Saferpay Business account:

  • Direct implementation of the payment page in your own website via the Saferpay Transaction interface. The payment will be processed in the background and the customers visually never leaves the online shop.
  • Direct implementation of credit card forms on the checkout page. Important: Your shop has to be SAQ-A EP PCI certified to use this function. Please contact your acquirer for more information.
  • Send refunds directly from the WordPress backend.
  • Recurring payments via WooCommerce Subscriptions. You will need the plugin Woocommerce Subscriptions.

A Saferpay account is required to use the Saferpay plugins.

You can create a free test account on the following page:

You can apply for a production eCommerce or Business account on the following page: