2. General settings in WooCommerce

Log into your WordPress account and go to “WooCommerce -> Settings -> PostFinance”.

License key

Enter the license key your received with your purchase of the plugin to receive updates and support and click “activate”.



The PSPID of your PostFinance back office account.



The Language of the PostFinance payment page. Will be set automatically if the language plugin WPML is active.


Hash algorithm

You can choose any of the three hash algorithms but it has to be identical to the one you set in the PostFinance back office in the tab “Configuration -> Technical information -> Global security parameters”.



The SHA-IN pass phrase you entered in your PostFinance account.


SHA-IN DirectLink

The SHA-IN pass phrase for DirectLink funtions (SSL required). The the pass phrase you entered in the PostFinance back office on the page “Data and origin verification -> Checks for PostFinance DirectLink”.



The SHA-OUT pass phrase you entered in your PostFinance account.



Choose test to use the PostFinance test account (e.g. nameTEST). No actual transactions will be made in this mode. Choose production for live websites to receive payments. The PSPID you entered before has to correspond to the account.



Select this to encode the characters which will be sent to PostFinance in UTF-8. This mainly entails umlauts in names and addresses, which otherwise will not be displayed correctly.



Recommended if you use the same PostFinance e-Payment account for multiple shops.



Only visible if “Multishop” is enabled. Enter unique names and the URLs of the other shops into the fields if you choose this shop as the master shop


Shop name

Only enter a shop name if you use the multishop feature. The name has to be the same as the one you entered into the multishop settings of the master shop. Leave empty if this is the master shop.

More information about the multishop feature.


Send address to PostFinance

Enable if name, address and phone number should be sent to PostFinance. Strongly recommended for fraud prevention.


Display deletion of authorisation?

Enable if deletions of authorisations you made via DirectLink should be displayed in the WooCommerce order administration page. The deleted amounts will be subtracted from the initially authrorised amount and displayed in “WooCommerce -> Orders -> [Order]”. Please note that not all acquirers support deletions of authorisations. PostFinance will nevertheless respond with a successful deletion in all cases, even if deletions are not supported. In this case the deletion will only be simulated. This can lead to a falsified PostFinance payment status in WooCommerce. Please ask your acquirer if deletions are supported before activating this option.



You only need the USERID for DirectLink functions (SSL required). The user has to be an API-User.


User Passwort

The password for the USERID. Optional and only required for DirectLink.


Include Gateways

Choose the payment methods which should be loaded. You will have to enable them in the settings of the respective payment method. The standard PostFinance gateway for all payments with PostFinance E-Finance, PostFinance Card and credit cards will be loaded by default.