Important information

Because of the certificate for the TWINT plugin being saved inside the plugin directory it is important that you prevent direct access to the directory /wp-content/plugins/mame-twint-woocommerce/admin inside your WordPress installation. Please ask your host which settings below apply.


Make sure that inside the Apache config file of your Server AllowOverride All is set. If this is the case no further steps are necessary. Usually only the webhosting company can change these settings.


Add the following restriction to the nginx configuration of your server:

location /pfad/zur/website/wp-content/plugins/mame-twint-woocommerce/admin {
deny all;

Replace  /pfad/zur/website with the path to the WordPress installation.

Other servers

Activate the directory protection for the directory wp-content/plugins/mame-twint-woocommerce/admin in your WordPress installation. On some hosts this is possible directly out of cPanel.


In the case of uncertainties we recommend our installation service.